Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hired hand Bernstein bigs up loser Randy

New Aston Villa board member, the former FA chief, David Bernstein has given effusive backing to owner Randy Lerner. 

As Villa slumped to another home thrashing - 4-0 by Chelsea, Bernstein claimed, "Randy's been a terrific owner in his own way even though we are where we are." 

What an unnecessary comment from Bernstein. He's a good football administrator with sound judgment. After the parade of duff FA bosses, he cut a thoughtful, measured and intelligent figure at Soho Square and Wembley.   

But this is Aston Villa. A club where the board and fans have never been as far apart as this. 

Frankly, we don't need anymore hired cheerleaders telling us what a great guy Lerner is. He may indeed be superb company, a chap to laugh with over a wee dram or two. 

But most of us will never ever know this because he's never ever coming to Villa Park again. He wouldn't dare show his face. 

In reality, Lerner is an absentee landlord chasing his losses (£300m and counting) like a pathetic gambler.

Aston Villa is a passion centre for hundreds of thousands – not a vehicle for his commercial-negligence-cum-half-interested-attention.

He should sell as soon as possible to a more committed owner. 

The board which new chairman Steve Hollis has created with Bernstein, Adrian Bevington, Brian Little and Mervyn King MUST deliver promotion back to the Premier League in twelve months - it's the only way Randy can recoup his massive personal losses. 

That's what this latest besuited "dream team" is all about. Short-termism with no other option on the table.

If promotion doesn't happen quickly, our  great club's sidelining will be complete.

Randy Lerner deserves nothing more for his cursory custody over the last six seasons.

We all know part-time Bernstein would be out the door with a club sale - so please, spare us the unrestrained (paid-for) Randy love  - and halt the slide. You have twelve months.